Lead Vocal, All Guitars, Talk Box, Lap Steel, Founder
Born: London, England (Great Britain)

AK's story has a centerpiece that is defined and influenced by a love and respect for the music of Pink Floyd. After being exposed to rare recordings of Pink Floyd from the 70's, AK already a politically and socially-minded individual, was drawn to Floyd's groundbreaking work. AK turned this passion for Pink Floyd into his own vehicle of self-expression in 1993 with the formation of Comfortably Numb. Born out of a desire to put on a large scale, multi-media show and to satisfy a growing audience of Pink Floyd fans, the transition was a natural one - AK wanted a show that was unique and one that was from the heart, not a clone, nor a contrived act but simply a unique approach to the magic of the music of Pink Floyd. Fans who have heard AK perform described him as 'playing like David Gilmour and sounding like Roger Waters'.

In addition to his work with Comfortably Numb, AK has a progressive rock act aptly called THE AK PROJECT. The first album 'Outside The Cage' has enjoyed both critical and commercial success and has been a featured album on influential indie music sites like

The album entitled 'A Thunderous Exchange Of Silence' is available on iTunes:


Endorsed by: DEAN GUITARS - uses DEAN acoustic guitars with Comfortably Numb - Canada's Pink Floyd Show and DEAN electric and acoustic with THE AK PROJECT.

Solveig K
Vocal, Keyboard, Video/Audio FX
Born: Montreal, Canada

Solveig is an award winning trained vocalist with years of live, studio and overseas touring experience. Solveig brings her vocal magic and stage presence to Comfortably Numb --- Great Gig In The Sky is a SPECTACULAR event EVERY TIME! Not only does Solveig add her amazing vocal to Comfortably Numb but plays keyboards and is in charge of all audio/video FX.

Solveig also writes and produces with AK and brings her vocal magic as the lead singer of

Matt Babineau
Born: Ottawa, Canada

Matt brings his amazing personality and drum skills to Comfortably Numb. Matt is also the drummer for THE AK PROJECT.

Ahenk Ozakpinar
Bass/Backing Vocal
Born: Istanbul, Turkey

Ahenk brings his bass skills, and vocal harmonies to Comfortably Numb. Ahenk is also the bassist for THE AK PROJECT.

Charles McInnis
Born: Ottawa, Canada

Charles brings his keyboard skills to Comfortably Numb.